Frequently Asked Questions

Is Converting PDF safe to use? Will my files be deleted?

We are highly concerned about your privacy, as evidenced by our Privacy Policy. We will do everything possible to protect your privacy. Users’ files are not analyzed, stored, scanned, copied, or used in any other way by us. We would preserve the files for 24 hours to avoid some issues and to make things easier for our consumers. After 24 hours, all files will be automatically destroyed.

Is Converting PDF available on Mac?

We want everyone to enjoy using our product, so we’ve tested it on a variety of platforms to ensure that it works well on Mac, Windows, iPad, IOS, Android, and other mobile phone operating systems. As a result, it works seamlessly with Safari and other Mac web browsers. Now is the time to start your journey in Converting PDF!

What should I know before protecting my PDF?

When you encrypt a PDF file with a password, it becomes impossible to open or remove the protection without the correct password. Furthermore, any files stored on our servers will be protected with a 256-bit SSL encryption. On our server, neither your password nor your file are stored. Click Privacy Policy for more information.

Why can’t I find my file? Where does it go?

Why am I unable to locate my file? What happens to it? Don’t worry; check your usual download folder first; your file might be there once you’ve finished processing it and pushed the download button. If it isn’t here, please check the website to see if the file is still available for download. It’s possible that your file was uploaded but never finished processing (the icon continues to move) and you didn’t download it. You can attempt the following in this situation:

When utilizing our service, make sure all browser extensions are disabled.

If it doesn’t work, switch to another browser.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.